Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan

Manten Pegon (Pegon Marriage) is a traditional ceremony or wedding procession originating from Surabaya. This traditional wedding tradition, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is unique and very identical to the characteristics of the multicultural, egalitarian and open-minded people of Surabaya.

The term Manten Pegon comes from the Javanese language. According to the General Indonesian Dictionary (Poerwadar Minta), manten means ‘marriage,’ while pegon comes from a Javanese word, namely pego which means ‘to deviate.’

Pegon letter deviates from Arabic literature and also deviates from Javanese literature. Pegon Arabic is also called Pego Arabic or Jawi Arabic, namely writing that uses Arabic letters or hijaiyah letters, but in practice the language uses Javanese or other regional languages according to the tastes of those who want to use them.

The meaning of the word deviant in question does not mean something that has a negative connotation, but can be interpreted if the implementation of Manten Pegon is eccentric and unique, starting from the procession or ceremony, the style of clothing worn, the gifts brought, and so on. This uniqueness cannot be separated from the process of the birth of Manten Pegon which has a background of the blending or mixing of four cultures, namely Javanese, Dutch, Arabic and Chinese.