Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan

Ritus Sedekah Bumi (The Earth’s Almsgiving Rite) is also known as Gadeso. The tradition has been carried out hereditary as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty for the blessings, particularly for the abundant crops. Ritus Sedekah Bumi in Sambikerep consists of two phases which are core and supplementary ritus. The core ritus is the required ritus in Ritus Sedekah Bumi in Sambikerep, while the supplementary ritus presents as the complement, adjusting to the development of the community’s situation and conditions. The core ritus consists of two activities, kendangan (punden visit) and anchakan (gunungan carnival of going around the village), followed by praying together and the distribution of gunungan (food crops that are arranged resembling various forms) to the people present. Meanwhile, the supplementary ritus consists of ludruk (Javanese folk-show), gulat okol (Okol wrestling), and jaranan (a traditional dance performed by the dancers by riding a mock horse made of woven bamboo).