Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan

Peneleh Village is in a geographically strategic position in Surabaya. At least until 1937, its position formed a delta of Kali Mas branches from the upstream: the Pegirikan River on the west side of Peneleh and Kali Mas on the east side of Peneleh. The two rivers are passable by boat. However, in 1937 the Pegirikan River was reduced in size to form a 5 meter wide ditch.

The Peneleh sub-district is actually a collection of dozens of old colonial-era settlement names before being merged into one sub-district administrative area. The ancient settlements include Peneleh Village, Plampitan Village, Pandean Village, Lawang Seketeng Village, Jagalan Village, Grogol Village, Grogol Kauman Village, Klimbungan Village, Undaan Peneleh Village, and Polak Wonorejo Village. Currently, each of these villages is an RW.