Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan

Durasim Gondoredjo (Cak Durasim) is remembered as a ludruk artist: a legendary one in the city of Surabaya and its outskirts. He was a product of the intricate details and friendliness of village life. He was a native of Arek Surabaya because he was born, raised and died in Surabaya (Frederick 1989, 84). He was born on Wednesday, January 11, 1888 and died on August 7, 1944. When and how Cak Durasim first joined and started to pursue the art of ludruk are not known for certain, but his popularity as a ludruk artist in the Indonesian Revolution began with his fame in the villages which was just came into notice in 1928. 1928 marks the beginning of his acquaintance with Doctor Soetomo, then he continued to have close relationships with other figures who befriend Doctor Soetomo who were members of the Indonesische Studieclub.